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school is in the more important swing state? it's way too early for this. good morning. i'm mike barnacle in for willie geist. this is way too elderly, the show that picked all number one seeds in the final four bracket. i'm glad you're up with us on msnbc. shoot us an e-mail at "way too early" at and let us know why you're awake now or do what coach krzyzewski does and text the word awake followed by your response to 622639. we'll read the best responses later in the show. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for this thursday, march 17th. there is a lot going on today, including new developments out of bahrain why the government has unleashed an assault against the protesters in the capital. plus, tiger woods pays a visit to late night with jimmy fallon
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where jimmy challenges him to a round of golf. wii golf. we'll have that clip later. first, let's get to the news, live at 5:30 a.m. here in washington, d.c., and on the east coast of the united states. the united states is taking a tougher stand on the mounting nuclear crisis in japan, authorizing the first evacuations of american government employees out of the country. in addition, the state department is warning all u.s. citizens to consider leaving japan. the unpredictable weather conditions risks spreading radioactive material. that move comes as japanese crews and military helicopters brave radiation to dump sea water on to the stricken fukushima complex. the tactics are an attempt to cool overheated radium fuel that may be on the verge of spewing out more radiation. meanwhile, plant operators say they're racing to finish a new
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power line that could restore cooling systems and ease the crisis. still, the top u.s. nuclear regulatory official is warning american citizens within 50 miles of the complex to leave the area or at least remain indoors. testifying on capitol hill yesterday that the situation is "very serious." >> we believe that there is no water in the spent fuel pool known as number four. i would say that it is my great hope that the information that we have is not accurate. i would hope for the sake of everyone that the situation is not at the state that we think it is. >> while elevated radiation has been detected outside the evacuation zone, experts say those levels are not dangerous. still, u.s. officials are taking no chances. yesterday, president obama called japan's prime minister to discuss the crisis. according to the white house, obama offered constant u.s.
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support and expressed "his extraordinary admiration for the character and resolve of the japanese people." he echoed that endme mensentime night at a dnc fund-raiser. >> we're at a moment in time where obviously all of us are heart broken by the images of what is happening in japan and we're reminded of how american leadership is critical to our closest allies, even if those allies are themselves economically advanced and powerful. there are moments where they need our help and we're bound together by a common humanity. state department officials say the united states is chartering planes to help americans leave japan. with us now on the phone from japan, nbc news' ann curry. ann, what's the latest. >> the latest, mike, is that reactor two is compromised and leaking radiation. reactor three, the fuel rods are at the risk of melting and reactor four, damaged by
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multiple fires, the fuel rods are sitting in low levels of water. so early today, the japanese had helicopters staging water drops. there is a plan to bring in some 11 water cannon trucks, trying to cool off the reactors. they're also really working on the generators because, of course, they're going out, the generator going out causing a loss of power was -- is really key to this. they're thinking if they can restore the power, they can restore the cooling system which would be very important in trying to tamp down this disaster. there is also going -- what is also going on around here, mike, there is a major problem in that japan and the u.s. seem to disagree on the risk. you were just, i think, talking about the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission head gregory jaczko, talking about the radiation levels being so high that the japanese evacuation order should be expanded. the u.s. government says that americans within 50 miles should leave the area. but the japanese are still
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saying that the number is 12 miles -- within 12 miles people should evacuate. while those within 19 miles should remain indoors. that's also compounding the problem, confusing information to people here, mike. >> obviously here e bulk of the news has to do with the nuclear facilities, the danger of radiation. but what can you tell us about the people of japan, about gas and gasoline? how are they living? how are they managing? >> well, you know, the area affected, you know, because of the power is down, one of the big effects is that there is rolling blackouts. people have to shut off power for several hours at a time, depending on where you are on any given day. and that is to preserve power. another major problem is in the areas that are deeply affected by the tsunami and the earthquake, we have some serious problems with gas shortages. the lines are long. people are not getting enough food. and i can tell you that one of
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the critical problems, mike, is that this nuclear power plant situation is right between tokyo, the major hub where materials can arrive, and where the people who have been most affected by the earthquake and the tsunami are. so basically they're cut off. they're cut off and right now with the weather, the temperatures becoming so cold, people are huddled at night in shelters in freezing temperatures, dangerous temperatures, and there is not enough food. we found one shelter, mike, where they were down to one ball of rice a day for each person and water. we're talking about children as young as 3 and people as old as 95. it is a humanitarian disaster, mike. >> ann curry from japan, thank you very much. the united nations security council is planning to vote later today on a draft resolution that would impose a no fly zone over libya and authorize air strikes against moammar gadhafi's forces. the draft supported by the united states, britain, france
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and germany, reflects a shift in washington amid concerns the uprising is in danger of collapsing. right now, rebels are struggling to hold on to a strategic eastern city near the stronghold of benghazi. still, in an interview, secretary of state hillary clinton told nbc's andrea mitchell that international support is needed to make a move in libya. >> we believe that we have to take steps to try to protect innocent civilians and we cannot do it without international authority. we're working as we speak to try to get international support, which is very important, because unilateral action would not be the best approach. we have all kinds of unintended consequences, international action with arab leadership and participation we think is the way to go. meanwhile, four "new york times" journalists covering the fight in libya are missing this morning. editors last heard from the
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group on tuesday as they were covering the retreat of rebels from an eastern town. however, the newspaper is holding out hope they are alive and in the custody of the libyan government. authorities in bahrain are widening their crackdown in the tiny gulf nation, reportedly detaining at least five opposition activists today. that's according to a human rights group which says those taken into custody are among 25 shiite activists on trial for trying to overthrow the nation's sunni rulers. yesterday soldiers and riot police also clashed with protesters in the country's capital, resulting in the deaths of at least five people. secretary clinton says she's alarmed by those developments. >> we do not think this is in the best interests of bahrain. we consider bahrain a partner. we have worked with them. we think they're on the wrong track. and we think that the wrong track is going to really affect
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adversely the ability of the bahraini government to bring about the political reform that everyone says is needed. >> bahrain, which is a population of just 800,000, is home to the united states navy's fifth fleet. if president obama is re-elected next year, he'll likely have to find another secretary of state. here is president -- here is secretary clinton in an interview with cnn yesterday. >> if the president is re-elected, do you want to serve a second term as secretary of state? >> no. >> would you like to serve as secretary of defense? >> no. >> would you like to be vice president of the united states? >> no. >> would you like to be president of the united states? >> no. >> why not? >> because i have the best job i could ever have. this is a moment in history where it is almost hard to catch your breath. >> clinton spoke from egypt where she made a surprise visit to tahrir square. the epicenter of that country's
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revolution that toppled president mubarak. afterward, she called the experience "thrilling." >> going to tahrir square was exhilarating. it was a tremendous personal experience to be there and to see egyptians with smiles on their faces. translating the enthusiasm and the energy of tahrir square into the political and economic reforms necessary to establish a strong, functioning democracy, more jobs for people, a real sense of a positive future is going to be challenging. but they're up for that challenge. i feel very good about what the egyptians are doing. >> on her trip, clinton spent much of the day hearing from a wide range of egyptians on how the united states can support the country's transitional government as it prepares for elections later this year. speaker john boehner will host president obama and vice president biden for lunch in the
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capital today. the meeting comes as the white house and congress try to work out an agreement for funding the government for the rest of this fiscal year. however, a discussion on spending is apparently not on the menu, since it is st. patrick's day. and technically a friends of ireland luncheon. meanwhile, at a job creation forum yesterday, boehner insisted that cutting spending will support private sector job creation. >> the government is in the way of job creators in america. and as someone who understands what uncertainty does to small employers, obviously more regulations, higher tax creates more uncertainty. when you look at our efforts as the new majority here in the congress, our number one goal is to create an environment, assist in creating an environment where employers can begin to hire again. and what i need to do in order to do that, i think we need to stop the spending binge here in
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washington. >> the senate's top democrat harry reid says he's open to changing social security 20 years from now. speaking on msnbc's "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell last night, majority leader reid emphatically rejected changes to the program anytime soon. >> i have said clearly and as many times as i can, leave social security alone. social security has not added a single penny, not a dime, a nickel, a dollar to the budget problems we have. it never has. for the next 30 years it won't do that. two decades from now i'm willing to take a look at it. i'm not willing to take a look at it right now. >> reid's remarks may signal a death nell for hope that lawmakers might be able to accomplish social security reform this congress. still ahead on "way too early" -- >> been a year and a half since you were on our show. >> yep. >> what have you been up to? >> nothing.
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>> tiger woods in the hot seat with jimmy fallon last night, plugging his new video game. we'll show you that interview next. and later, why did alec baldwin crash steve martin's interview on "david letterman." that story and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back.
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capital of the united states of america, nice shot. let's get a check now on the weather from mr. sunshine himself, nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill? >> i just talked to willie, he wanted me to wish you a happy 80th st. paddy's day. >> i'll take care of it later with you.
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>> we'll have a nice forecast today in the northeast and much of the country. an update on the winds in japan, across the region of concern, they're still out of the northwest and everything is blowing out to sea. so whatever is happening and being leaked out there, as of today and into tomorrow it will be heading out to sea. on sunday the winds could shift a little bit and send some of the wind direction back on shore. none of those winds are sending anything toward tokyo. that's a great concern. now let's bring it back home here, fantastic forecast for the parade in boston, new york, chicago looks great today. temperatures in the 50s or the 60s. and across the country, what a great day today. from kansas city to st. louis, near 70 to 80 degrees. much of the deep south is perfect, mike. tomorrow, boston could get up to 60 degrees. we'll end winter with a big smile all around. enjoy. >> yeah, you're just jealous because i knew st. patrick. march madness, the round of 64 starts today at noon.
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but last night it was virginia commonwealth taking on southern cal in the very confusing first round. vcu looking to prove they belong in the tournament. a defensive battle. neither team shot better than 40%. i could have played. vcu pulled away down the stretch, though, winning 59-46. they face sixth seed georgetown on friday. a matchup of 16 seeds in ohio. the university of texas san antonio getting pumped up before their game against alabama state. the night belonged to melvin johnson of ugsa, careering 28 points. texas san antonio holds off alabama state 70-61 for their first ever tournament win. lucky for them, they get to play ohio state on friday. good luck, boys. we already knew president obama was playing it safe with his bracket, picking all number one seeds to make the final
5:49 am
four. so who does he have winning it all? >> we actually have the same national championship game. >> there you go. >> ohio state and kansas. >> and i'm picking kansas because i think they're deeper. >> this year you go with kansas after last year. >> after last year. here's what happened. i picked north carolina, they lost. the next year they won for me. i think kansas will do the same thing. they always feel bad about losing when the president picks them. they're going to go all the way. >> mm, i don't know. last night tiger woods appeared on late night with jimmy fallen to promote his new video game tiger woods pga tour 12. after the interview, jimmy put tiger to the test of his own game to see if he's as good with a wii controller as he is with a 9 iron. >> come on, buddy. this is good. don't get nervous or anything. watch your aim, my friend. >> is that good? >> no. you're a little off. >> right there? >> this is a tough hole, isn't it?
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>> is it really? >> whoa! >> i like this. >> right there, right there. >> oh! >> all right. coming up on "morning joe", big guests including new york times nicholas kristof, gavin newsom, tom coburn and mary landrieu. when we come back here, we'll go around the water cooler to watch the rivalry continue between king of the guest hosts, alec baldwin and steve martin. we'll be right back.
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under japanese law, nuclear activity is limited to only peaceful purposes and designed to secure future energy resources. in the country's history with nuclear power dates back over five decades. if you want to sound smart today, tell your friends japan started its nuclear research program in 1954, budgeting 230 million yen for nuclear energy. japan's first nuclear reactor began operating in 1966. but enough with the real news, let's gather around the water cooler to talk about the
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mindless trivia you crave. last night on "dave," david letterman, a surprise guest crashed the audience. that's right. alec baldwin showed up. let's see how alec's reacts to steve martin being on the show too. >> look at that. ladies and gentlemen, alec baldwin. hey, alec! alec, what can we do for you? >> who's on the show tonight, dave? >> we have a great show. i'm very proud. we have selena gomez is here. and steve martin is on the show. there he is! >> steve martin, huh? >> yep. wait a minute. hey, alec, wait a minute, where -- where are you going?
5:55 am
>> i'm not really a fan, dave. >> anthony wiener is back at it on fox. as you can imagine, it wasn't the friendliest of debates. let's watch. >> the bush administration drove the economy into a cliff and we have been digging out ever since. >> blah, blah, blah. >> it is true. it is true. it is true. let me finish -- >> stop it. >> in the month of february, our deficit was -- >> make it three on one. or four on one next time. i'm ready for you. >> you're a star, just go look in the mirror. i know you think that of yourself. >> i love these balanced debates. >> what did she say? still ahead on "way too early," why are you awake? you're clinically insane. text an e-mail to next and "morning joe" is moments away. didn't taste so vegetably?
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top story on this morning, helicopters drop water
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on those damaged reactors in japan. we'll be following that story closely up next on "morning joe." now, at the top of the show, we asked why are you awake? well, ace producer intern rob gifford has your answers. >> well, mike, since the st. patrick's day, we get a bunch of e-mails about that. alex writes i'm making irish soda bread. and one writes barnicle, your necktie ain't green enough. >> you're both amateurs when it comes to st. patrick's day but the soda bread is important. years ago when st. patrick's day was more of a festive occasion than it is now, soda bread would coat the stomach so when you threw up in your shoes at noon time, you would sort of be okay. what else we got? >> mike writes, just bought a carton of milk and had willie's picture on it. >> well, willie's college weekend vacation actually, you know, several days, down in lauderdale is almost over. i bailed him out early this morning
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